Friday, September 2, 2011

Bennett highlights

Just a few pics of some highlights from Bennett's life lately:

This boy looooves to climb so we decided to give rock climbing a try at our local place, Climb Iowa. Its pretty expensive so we just paid for him to go up. He actually didn't like it as much as we thought he would. He went up a few times, but at about 8 feet he would get pretty scared and wouldn't go any higher. So we'll wait a while to try again and next time, one of us will climb up alongside him. It was fun to try though!

Bennett loves Disney's Cars now, so thanks to my friend Emily's post, we found Tow Mater downtown Des Moines (she explains where its located, if any of you locals want to check it out):

And the latest and greatest news in Bennett's life, he started preschool yesterday!! He's going 4 days a week in the afternoons. His new teachers are wonderful and I'm really excited for the year. He was already in the class with my good friend, Libby's, little boy, and then we showed up on the first day and another one of my very good friends, Julie V.'s, little boy is in his class too! I miss that girl so now we'll see each other almost every day :)

I used to absolutely dread fall because its just a precursor to our horrid winters, a foreshadowing of what's to come. But honestly the start of a school year makes it such an exciting time and so much easier to take! So I'm thankful that we have school now to look forward to and get us through the worst seasons in Iowa.

Dawson getting in on the picture action:

Finding his hook:

And the highlight of my life, I finished my very last day of work at America's Family Coaches last Friday and am officially a stay at home mom again. The best part about that--my wonderful mother-in-law will still be able to take the boys most Fridays so I'll have a day to get stuff done around the house! (So far I've spent my first afternoon in a quiet house blogging so this may be a regular occurrence as well :). But I've assured my husband that I will actually get some cleaning done so I better go make that happen!! ;)

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  1. I know we don't have an REI near us, but you guys like to travel so I'm sure you're by one sometimes. If you buy a lifetime membership (only $20!) the whole fam can climb for free at any REI across the country anytime. Pretty sweet deal!


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