Saturday, July 2, 2011

Phase 1 Complete

After several delays due to the weeks of torrential downpours we had, Jon finally got the cement poured for the patio! It was a big job but he and a couple other guys got it finished in just a couple of hours. I was impressed (although I'm always impressed by my hubby!).

A couple of new chairs from Target and we're set! (Although someday I would love something like these, these cheapos will do just fine for now):

The view from the new chairs:

And the view from our living room...when it's just too hot to sit out there anymore, I can sit next to the window to supervise:

On to Phase 2: Landscaping...


  1. FUN! We wanna come over to swim!!!

  2. i will join you in the other chair in just a few days!!! we will cheer on Jon from the sidelines :)


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