Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our first "summer break" has begun!

My first born child has a whole year of school under his belt. He had his end of year preschool program today. And yes, I totally got teary eyed when they showed the photo slideshow of the year. I was holding Bennett in my arms and he had his head resting on my shoulder and I was savoring that moment- my sweet little baby (who's nearly half my body weight now!) who needs me less and less with each passing year. And yet he still needs me. For how much longer?? And my parents watching on, no doubt thinking about my first year of school in Miss Lovinggood's class (That was really her name and yes, she was loving and good!). Such a crazy thing watching your child growing up. I'm thankful he still has another year of preschool left. I can't imagine facing the whole Kindergarten thing just yet. I asked him this morning before we left if he was going to miss school and he said so sweetly, "Nope. Because now I get to stay home with you!" Good answer, son. Good answer. Think he'll feel that way after he graduates highschool??

His teachers, Miss Heidi and Miss Dawn (although you know we're not in the South because as much as I corrected him, he still always just said Heidi and Dawn):

(And one other side note- this was proof to me that he can smile normal on command- something I did not think he was capable of before this without me resorting to saying things like, "Guess what? Chicken Butt.")

This carpet square business is hard work:

We celebrated afterwards with two of the best things a 3 yr old can think of: McDonald's Happy Meal and a park.

There was a first grade class there on a field trip. At one point I looked for Dawson and saw he had this gaggle of girls following his every step:

This poor little girl never quite figured out that every time she would bend down to say Peekaboo, she'd inevitably get a whack in the face, which of course Dawson thought was hilarious. I finally had to tell her to stop bending down. Unfortunately much easier than getting Dawson to stop hitting her and laughing.

And every single one of them told me they had a baby brother or baby sister or baby cousin or their mom's friend's neighbor had a baby. Like they were convincing me they were well qualified to be taking care of my baby at the park. It was so funny.


  1. haha i love every bit of this post! after reading, i caught myself nodding my head with my eyes closed and a grin and i said out loud to nobody, "that was fun." I think i immersed myself in your stories so much i felt i was there. HA! I love your boys and your little life!!

  2. Adorable!!! Bennett is getting so grown up!! And Dawson is hysterical!!!

  3. Adorable pics and post! And what park is looks like a good one. :)


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