Saturday, May 28, 2011

A little randomness...

  • Next week is Bennett's birthday week. I think at the age of 4, its time to start spending a whole week celebrating. First up on the agenda- Kung Fu Panda 2 tomorrow with his Mommy & Daddy. Secondly- a trip to the grocery store on Monday: I heard an idea from a friend a long time ago that they got to pick any cereal they wanted to eat during their birthday week. I loved that idea (since my kids get Kix as a treat) so Bennett will get his first exposure to all that freeze-dried marshmallow-ey goodness. I'll let you know what he picks.

  • I don't like planning birthday parties without my decorating-genius mother-in-law. (They're in England right now). So this semi-crafty, not-very-creative girl is trying to muster up every ounce of creative craftiness. Thank goodness for blogland. I'm a good copier.

  • I love clicking the "Hide all posts by fill-in-the-blank" on my facebook wall. Makes me feel like I'm getting rid of a bunch of junk mail :)

  • Jon's becoming a total rockstar mechanic. He's well past 200,000 miles on his X5 so inevitably quite a few things keep breaking or malfunctioning. Every time something goes wrong, he does a little research on the internet, watches a YouTube video, orders a part and fixes it himself. Today he's replacing the fuel pump. I'd love to know how many thousands of dollars he's saved us this year.

  • I'm so happy the Bachelorette started again and that my hubby watches (and enjoys it- or at least pretends to) with me. Its a cheap and romantic date night every week. (Hey, you take what you can get when you have kids!)

  • In book news: I added a new book to my blog book list-check it out. I never told you the results of my books from vacation. Edgar Sawtelle was enjoyable in parts but it had the worst ending of any book ever, I couldn't believe I'd wasted the whole week on it. Angela's Ashes and The Invisible Wall were both great and worth reading for sure but kind of similar so don't read them back to back. I just finished the Dragon Tattoo series. It was definitely great but there's so much super dull informative bits you have to wade through between all the great action scenes, you really have to stick with it. So don't read them unless you have a lot of patience-or you're a good skimmer. One book where the movie will likely be a lot better.

  • And scenes from an impromptu bonfire last night:

Jon built that big wood platform behind them last summer for our big kiddie pool since our backyard isn't level. I'm super excited-we're going to put in a big cement patio there soon.


Yes, that's a birds nest burning in this picture. That's what boys do best- burn stuff. (no birds were harmed in the making of this fire)


  1. Mom & I are laughing at your "Men At Work" and delighted with your insight into what makes guys tick (Not a whole lot!) Love you!


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