Sunday, October 24, 2010

And the fun begins. It felt so amazing to get here yesterday and be able to change out of jeans and long sleeves and break out the shorts and tank tops again. We spent today listening to a timeshare presentation (Jon and I always try to go to one or two of these on vacation because the incentives they give you are well worth it!), a trip to the grocery store, a little time by the pool and then we rode the monorail around the hotels at Disney. A fun, free activity for Bennett --and Caitlin...she was giddy to be that close to Disneyworld! And during a quick stop at Target on the way home, we ran into a friend from Des Moines. Love those ironic moments that God seems to line up just to make us smile :)

Our hotel has an amazing pool area with water slides and fountains. Bennett loved it.
The hexapus:
Aaaah, bliss:
On the monorail:
Tomorrow: beach!!


  1. I'm so glad you guys are having fun!!

  2. Yep...I'm officialy a little jealous ;) The last time I was in FL was when I was the memory is a bit foggy, but I do remember the monorail!


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