Thursday, July 1, 2010

Soaking up the sun

Not too much blog-worthy news lately. We've just been enjoying this weather (doesn't get any better than its been this week). We got this pool off of Craigslist after seeing how much Bennett's been loving his cousin, Piper's. But its not a permanent fixture. A) because there's a tiny hole in the top blown-up ring that we have yet to find and B) because we're pretty sure you can't have a pool this big (its probably chest deep on Bennett if it were filled all the way) without a fenced in yard. So anyway, its fine as-is for the time being but we'll probably re-sell it and find a replacement.

In the pool with our neighbor kids-- Bennett gets SO excited when he sees Jack and Sophie (on the right) outside and bolts for the door (usually before I get any clothes on him. Our whole neighborhood has now seen my naked son):

This is Bennett's latest pool progress:

I'm so proud of him! Now we just have to get those water wings off.

And Dawson, happy as a clam, with our good friend, Caitlin:
Don't let his smile fool you. He's actually been quite a beast at home lately. Mostly because he's been teething nonstop but he also gets so mad and just yells and yells if he has to wait at all for food. I've desperately been trying to teach him the sign for "more", thinking that'll help! He's a very determined guy already and won't sit still for a second. Bennett freaks out whenever Dawson heads for one of his puzzles he's working on. I've been hearing this a lot lately: "Put him in his saucer, Mom." He's already cruising around furniture and climbing. I found him on top of my sister's coffee table the other day! At this age, Bennett would sit completely in awe for an entire Baby Einstein movie. I tried one once for Dawson and I'm pretty sure he didn't look at the TV for more than 3 seconds. He's exactly like his brother, though, that if we're out of the house, he's perfectly content. Thank the Lord for that.

More to come best friend, Candy, arrives from CA in 5 days!! We're packing the week full of fun stuff. I cannot wait!


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