Saturday, July 24, 2010

Playing Catch-up


And now:

So I'm a little behind but here's a review of our staycation with Candy and Ava.
We had so much fun together and Bennett and Ava were instant buddies. Bennett was quite transfixed with Ava's imagination and by mid-week they were making up songs together and playing all kinds of made-up games. I think Ava was a little taken aback by Bennett's wild side and had to get used to his tendency to run around naked after every potty break until I tracked down his shorts and underwear. They were quite the pair.

Ava was overjoyed with these tiny toads they found at my parents'. She kept them in a watering can while she ate dinner and was horrified when Jon asked her if she wanted him to eat one. Unfortunately for the toad, he wasn't joking.

A day at Adventureland (the first time there for ALL of us!)
Ava's expression is priceless :)

Both of them cashed out after we hit the waterpark.

We actually got to do a few things without the kids (the highlights of the week...any parent can understand!). One was the 1st Annual Iowa Improv Festival. Huh-larious. (Those random people in the shot are improvers)

We hit the fountains at West Glen on the last day:
Dawson trying to get in on the action:
A few more things we did that aren't pictured were a trip to the library, a short day at the zoo (until we got caught in a torrential downpour)and Prairie Trail park. The week was wonderful and exhausting :) We definitely made up for the 3 years since we'd seen each other. The kids were definitely ready to have their own spaces back by the last couple days but I could have spent a whole other week with Candy. She and I are dreaming of the day we can take a vacation together sans kiddos. Sounds heavenly.
This was Ava's face on the entire ride to the airport. She didn't want to leave : (
Bennett keeps asking if we're going to see "that new Ava" again. I wish we were...


  1. Ava is one of the sweetest little girls i have ever met. I'll take care of her anytime! Come back Candy..i miss Ava!

  2. i finally just got to read this!!! ah i miss you guys. we had such an amazing time, we loved every moment. thank you for documenting this. lets do it again next year!!


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