Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Zoo isn't just for summertime!

We went to the zoo on Thursday afternoon. I guess all this sunshine and snow melt is giving us the itch to be out! It was so much fun. I loved walking through the rainforest part was all warm and sunny. Such a good feeling after being sequestered indoors for months with our only view being layer upon layer of snow. A lot of the animals were still there...even the flamingos! There's one tiger who's always pacing outside and one tiger who's always inside at the window (what happens to these animals where they get into these ruts?? So weird.) Anyway, the tiger inside usually walks up to the window and then turns around and walks out. Well, she seemed like she was so happy to see people, she came right up to the window, stood on her hind legs and would rub her paws up and down the glass, like she wanted to play with us. Then she'd get back down and put her eye right up to the glass and stare at us for a while. It was incredible to be that close. I put Bennett right up there and he'd get really nervous at first when she jumped up but he gave her a five and thought it was pretty cool.
When we were watching the sea lions swim around, they'd come up for air and blow their breath out. Bennett starting breathing loud and blowing air out of his nose. I asked him if he was breathing like the sea lions and he said, "no, Mom. I'm talking to them." He continued "talking" to them for several minutes. It was so cute. At one point he was picking up little chunks of snow and trying to throw them over the rail but he could barely reach the top on his tip toes so it would fall straight down. He said, "I'm trying to give them ice but the river is too far away!"
I didn't have my camera that day to capture all of Bennett's hilarious antics but it was so much fun having the zoo almost to ourselves and having a relaxing stroll in the sunshine!


  1. How fun! I didn't even think about going to the zoo this time of year....we might have to do that one of these next sunny days!!

  2. How fun! We talked about going to the zoo on Friday but Elliott said he 'didn't want to.' Oh well - I'll have to take them back soon. Sounds like fun! :)


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