Saturday, March 6, 2010

First bite!

Oh, my sweet baby boy is growing up. He's 5 1/2 months now, so I figured it was time to start on the solid foods. He didn't have much trouble at all! He made a funny face when the spoon first went in his mouth but after several bites, he was even opening his mouth and smacking his lips! He was desperately trying to grab the spoon. It made me remember feeding Bennett--I'd have to give him a spoon in each hand so he wouldn't grab the spoon I was feeding him with. These babies grow so fast but each month brings new fun and laughter. I love how they interact with each other and can't even imagine how funny it will be when Dawson can talk back.

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  1. How cute!! I can't believe how big Dawson is getting! And I love that Bennett is talking nonstop in the background! Your hair cut is so cute!


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