Monday, May 11, 2009

swinging and spraying

Jon hooked Bennett's swing up under our new deck. Its a perfect spot for it. He didn't last too long in it though. Maybe it'll get more use with the next baby :)

For some reason Bennett always sucks the water out of my spray bottle. He's done this for months and all of a sudden he realized yesterday what the lever was for and figured out how to spray it. So I took his shirt off and sent him out to the deck. He wasn't quite coordinated to hold it the correct way so he could only spray himself. He spent about 20 minutes spraying his face and into his mouth and had a blast.


  1. Maybe he was cleaning all the dirt out of his mouth!!

  2. That is so funny! We have video of Layla spraying her face for about 20 minutes straight and laughing her head off. I bet she was Bennett's age. She would beg us to spray her in her face as well. What is it with the spray bottle?


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