Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bennett's back

I wanted to post an update but hate posting too many blogs without any pictures, so sorry about that! About 3 days ago, Bennett was all of a sudden completely back to his happy, mostly obedient self! From one day to the next he was a completely different baby. He hasn't even been throwing his mild fits he usually does when we get his jacket on and put him in the car. I mean, it was one extreme to the other. So thankfully it was just about 5 days of bawling Bennett and then we got our baby back.
Yesterday was such a great day. Its always so amazing how warm 50 degrees can feel. The three of us were outside after his nap, exploring the backyard, and little roly-poly was falling on the uneven ground about every 30 sec. Certainly didn't phase him though. It just made me so excited for the summer to come. I was even telling him how much fun he'd have this summer because we'll get to go outside every day! Wow...what a foreign concept. Since he didn't walk at all last summer, I just can't wait for all the fun we'll have with him this year, not to mention the last months we'll have as just the three of us.

Well, the countdown is on. We have one month, as of yesterday, before the big move. Judie's watching Bennett on Friday and I'm going to have a marathon painting day at the new house. Let me know if you want to join in on the fun! Ha.

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