Wednesday, February 18, 2009

baby love

Well, I had my first prenatal appointment today with the midwives. I was so excited to go and bring Bennett in there to show off to all the nurses who remembered us. It was pretty fun. We got to hear the heartbeat, which was wonderful. Its finally sinking in and becoming real. Up until this point it seriously seemed like something I made up in my head since I've had no symptoms (ok, not no symptoms per se, since I eat a full meal every 2 hours or so, and my jeans have long since buttoned up). But for some reason, I just haven't felt like there was really a baby in there. So after this morning, I've definitely had that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing I'm carrying around our precious little baby who's heart is beating away at 170 beats per minute. Its such a miracle and I'm grateful to be experiencing it all over again.


  1. It's a girl! Layla's heartbeat was never under 160 and Cooper's was never over 140. Let's see if the old wive's tale holds true! When will you find out gender? How long must I wait?!?!

  2. I was just going to say the same thing! Kara's heartbeat was always over 150. I believe it is a girl Haverlee!!! Congrats!

  3. haha, i hope they're right! but then that means i'm having a girl, too--160. :)

  4. Hysterical about all the heartbeat speed hullabaloo!

  5. boy or girl they will be loved very much!! always such a miracle!
    We pray you keep feeling so great.
    Love, Auntie


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