Monday, January 12, 2009

my first post

This is officially my first blog post. I've known I wanted to start a blog for quite some time for several reasons. Firstly, I LOVE reading other blogs of friends and family and figured others would enjoy reading mine. Second, its such a great way to stay connected and feels much more personal than facebook (not to mention some of my friends aren't even on facebook but I'm sure would check my blog!). Third, and perhaps the biggest reason for me, I always loved writing. Not in a way that I would have considered pursuing a profession in the field for one split second, but I like to do it just for my own general enjoyment and satisfaction. Not to mention I have the Ottley bug for reading, editing and striving for grammatical correctness (feel free to point any errors out! I find this appealing, not annoying!!).

My husband and I are very much simpletons by nature. We're not complex human beings. Therefore, you will not find any deep philosophical thoughts or ramblings on this blog but just highlights from our day to day lives which we strive to fill with love, laughter and lots of fun (Which is not difficult with a 19mos. old boy in the house).

From our family to yours, enjoy.


  1. Oh, I am SO excited!!! I clicked on your name from a comment to see what other blogs you read and here you are!!! Fantastic!!!

  2. Haverlee! This is Cinnamon. I found this through Manda's blog.

    Love the picture of your family. Your little boy is adorable!

    I am anxious to read Beneath a Marble Sky. John was a good friend of mine in high school. We went to his senior prom together, in fact. He is a really wonderful guy.


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