Friday, January 30, 2009

the best deli in town

This is a random post but two people now have asked me what DR Deli is since my sister and I have both mentioned it in a post (and maybe people have asked her too, I don't know). But its so delicious, it definitely deserves a post!! Its actually in the Valley West food court. Shocking, I know, since its eons better than Taco Bell, Panda Express and Sbarros or whatever else your heartburn inducing fast food choices are.
We started eating there years and years ago becuase Bethany worked there (I don't even remember now how long ago) and still remain loyal patrons. They slice all there meat and cheese and every sandwich you order can be grilled to deliciousness. That's why I love it. I hate cold sandwiches but love hot melty ones. Anything on flat bread is amazing. My two faves: Hot turkey, bacon, cheddar ranch and Hot ham, swiss and honey mustard (a really sweet one, not mustardy). They also have homemade (yes homemade!!) desserts and their famous chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick. So anyway, I won't bore you anymore (although hopefully your mouth is watering by now!) but go check it out and support a local fave!
Man, I can't write about food like this. Makes me hungry. I seriously can't stay full for more than 10 minutes. I think I literally ate something every hour yesterday and would have eaten more if there were more options in my house. I'm going to the grocery store today to stock up!

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