Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trial and Error

Sorry for the silence around here. I'm using up every last ounce of my resources these days. So come 9pm, I am in a vegetative state. I've had the opportunity to do several photo sessions the last couple of weeks so for lack of a better blog post, I'll post some of my work. It's been an incredible blessing and somewhat of a lifeline for me. Getting out of the house alone, for an hour and a half or so, to do something creative breathes so much life into my days. The learning curve is so so high with this and some shoots have gone MUCH better than others. I kinda wish I could just shoot family sessions with my iPhone but I'm pretty sure no one would pay for that. So I keep fumbling around and doing my best and thankfully my friends are all very patient with me.
This first one is my very favorite shoot I've done. The lighting was perfect (which I actually stumbled upon by accident. I had two shoots back to back and I thought the second shoot would have better lighting. It didn't. I learned a lot on this particular night.) and it was also easy because they were older kids who would stay in one spot and smile on command!
My favorite shot of the night. The slightest tweaks in body posture make for such better photos but its hard to get people to feel relaxed in front of the camera:
This was the shoot I did right afterwards and I wasn't very happy with it. I made a lot of mistakes, with the light and composition. I love shooting these boys though. They're just like my own. Ornery as heck. ;) 
 I did still get a few shots that I love, I just wasn't very successful with the whole family.
 Little boys just want to run.
Shoots like these make it clear why many photographers use an assistant. It was nearly impossible to get all of these boys looking at the camera and smiling and making sure I had a good shot lined up! I should get a pet monkey that will sit on my head or something. 
This was the third year I've shot this next family, a dear friend of mine. Her oldest son brought me a little note this time that made my day. 
Isn't that the sweetest?? Sheesh, I like this job. 

Their youngest was the most serious little boy I've ever tried to photograph. He would just stare at the camera completely deadpan. I was pulling out every single trick I had to get him to crack a smile, short of the monkey on my head. But I really like hanging out with this crew.

 I cheered after I got this shot:

I was bummed we didn't have any sunshine for this shoot. I also had a harder time editing it because of the bright orange shirt. Photographers, do you ever tell clients not to wear bright orange or red? Just curious.

You can see the difference having the sunlight makes on this next shoot. This was one of the easiest shoots I've done. They wanted it quick and their kids were super calm so we were in and out and got some great shots because of the gorgeous light. 
I love these natural shots but it's so funny how unnatural it feels for people to not look at the camera and smile!
Another four boy mama! And twins, no less. Tough as nails, this woman. And hello, most gorgeous little boys. This was another tough one, but that probably goes without saying ;) 
 They were so proud of their wacky socks. I love a little added flair.
I'm finally getting a new lens tomorrow! I'm excited to give it a try. Perfect timing too since I showed up to a shoot today and my old one is busted. I would have cried if I wasn't already planning on getting a new one, so I was thanking God for that perfect timing!


  1. LOVE the running one and the black and white!! Photography is so amazing because you get to capture magic!

    1. Thank you so much, Grace!! I'm working on capturing the magic. I still have a ways to go ;)


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