Monday, November 11, 2013

The last of fall

These pictures are actually from a few weeks ago but I didn't get a chance to share them yet. My mom came up one weekend in October because my niece's appendix ruptured and the poor little thing ended up in the hospital for five days. Thankfully she's fine and fully recovered. But it was definitely a bit traumatic for my sister. I took the boys down to see her one afternoon. I knew Dawson would be quite concerned for Quinn and Bennett would be pretty unaffected, emotionally speaking. That was exactly the case. Dawson was right next to her, holding her hand, and Bennett was psyched about the cookies and juice boxes!
Piper (my sister's other daughter) stayed at our house while my mom was here and we all went to our favorite apple orchard. I love taking pictures in front of this red barn. (Last year, when Channing was just a little punkin.) 

 Real men hula hoop.

 These two six-year olds were wild that weekend.

 Well, as I'm typing this we're getting our first snow. Good-bye fall. You were especially lovely this year.


  1. Loved these photos Haverlee. Beautiful photography and great moments! I'm living vicariously through everyone's fall photos, it's still summer here in southern China. Fall is my favorite!
    - Kim

  2. I just have to say it again and again! You are such a great photographer! You seem to really capture the essence of your kids when you photo them. My heart melted into a puddle over Dawson + Quinn. Love, love, love.

  3. I can just feel the fall air in your orchard pictures. Lovely!


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