Monday, May 13, 2013

mom's day

Speaking of expectations vs. reality, Mother's Day was yesterday!! ;)
Again, I have a hard time keeping my expectations low on this day. I was reminding myself of this post all weekend long (particularly when I was up before 7am on both mornings). I have a long way to go until it sinks in and permeates my thoughts and actions. A work in progress, but at least He's working!!

I requested demanded a pic with my kiddos and I'm thankful we got a couple of good ones. Love Channing's lip in the first one :)


The picture Bennett drew on his card for me that nearly brought tears to my eyes since there were definitely angels in that room that day (he didn't breathe for nearly 2 minutes when he was born):
My brain's in a total fog due to lack of sleep and the fact that I've been trying to get this child to stay in bed for the past hour and 20 minutes. I should stare at this picture for a while longer before I go back in there ;)

Truly, I am blessed.


  1. i love your mother's day pictures! those woods! lovely!

    and i can't get over that picture with the angels! wow. what a miracle baby!

  2. Such sweet boys..they totally get their sweetness from their sweet sweet mama! You are blessed indeed!!!


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