Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life, lately, according to my phone

Not too much to blog about here lately, so I'll do a phone dump (sorry for the grainy photos).

Family Movie night and Christmas jammie trial run. Notice Dawson--he proceeded to scoop the entire batch of popcorn out of the bowl while I was distracted taking a picture:

Making cookies at Nana's. (Thank goodness for grandmas...I don't have enough patience to cook with these two!):

Dawson reached a huge milestone recently. He actually learned how to smile for the camera!

Love Dawson's face in this one:

"Back off GiGi. I think you're forgetting I'm 2 and I do NOT need help!":

Forget the cookies. Couldn't you just eat him up??:

One of the best parts about raising more than one child: seeing all their differences. Pretty sure we didn't own a single hot wheel before Dawson was born:

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  1. Dawson is getting so grown up! He doesn't look like a baby anymore! SAD!!!


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