Monday, October 31, 2011

Part 3

The last 3 days we had on the island were really cold. So we got creative and found some fun things to do. There was a great children's museum so we spent a few hours there one morning. The boys had a lot of fun.

The many faces of Bennett:

And thankfully we had an indoor pool at our hotel so we spent a lot of time there, too:

This evening was cool and very windy but it was a pretty area with a really cool playground:

And even though it was really cold, we had to get our toes in the sand one last time:

It was a really great vacation and I'd highly recommend it for young families if you just want something low key and relatively relaxing. A couple weeks earlier in the year would have been perfect (and maybe having a grand-parent along to help with the monster man!).

Jon was a champion on the way home and drove the 20 hours straight through. We happened upon this random petting zoo right next to a gas station on the drive home--the perfect spot to stretch our legs.

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  1. that museum looks so cute! did you end up getting pictures taken?


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