Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Dino-Mite Party

We had Bennett's 4th birthday party yesterday. It was really fun and he had a great time. We kept it pretty simple and low-key and it was a nice, relaxing day getting ready for it. I had fun with few cute little details that I copied from blogs.
The invitations (copied from The Shabby Nest):

Dino tracks leading up our sidewalk that Jon drew:

Banner (also copied from The Shabby Nest). If anyone else is doing a dino party for a 4yr old, let me know if you want this and I'll mail it to you!:

Dino chandelier:

Goodie bags, inspired by these, although once you look at the inspiration, it'll totally put mine to shame. I seriously need to get some graphic design skills as I obviously have NONE. If I can't do it in Microsoft Word, I don't know how to do it :( I still thought they were pretty cute though. I followed her advice and just got some Easter candy when it went on sale.

"Dino juice" with T-Rex bones for ice (kinda pointless since they started melting immediately. Piper asked for a head and I was like, "here's a green lump. Use your imagination"):

The adorable cake my mom made:

And some dino feet for the kids to wear, copied from here. The kids were running around wild the whole time (appopriate for a dino party) so I had to use Landon as my model since he was the most mellow kid there:

We had a collaborative meal of pulled pork sandwiches, homemade mac 'n cheese, Greek salad and watermelon. It was really yummy.

A little dino sticker craft for the kids with a big bucket of foam stickers from Michael's. They loved it (Mommy bonus- zero effort):

And storytime (again zero effort and they loved it. My dad's a great storyteller and would interject their names instead of what was written at different parts and they thought it was hilarious):

Present time lasted all of about 30 seconds with a couple of the kids opening the gift they brought for Bennett :) Its supposed to be a group effort at that age, isn't? He loved all of the gifts.

This was his expression the entire time we sang "Happy Birthday":

It was a ROAR-ing success ;)


  1. shout out to candy for the blog title!

  2. You always throw the cutest parties!! LOVE the dino feet!!

  3. So CUTE! Great job, Hav!!!

  4. Looks like soooo much fun!! Great success without your mother-in-laws help!

  5. Great job Have!!! I love the theme! I am totally copying this idea for the little man someday :)


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