Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just have to share my proud mama moment of the day. Last Friday when we got to preschool, there was a big whiteboard outside their classroom and it said, "Please sign in". There were several other kids who had already written their names. I was shocked. Bennett has never been interested in coloring and writing and we don't encourage it much at home since any writing utensils inevitably end up marking on stuff besides paper (ex: walls, desks, chairs, couches, body parts...need I go on??) On Valentine's day, I had him "sign" all of his cards for his class with a little scribble. He couldn't write one letter, let alone his whole name. I figured we better start working on this at home since he was obviously behind a lot of kids in his class in this area. I told Jon we should have him practice at night before bed each night. So we did that. Twice.
We got to school today and my sweet boy did not need his mama to sign in for him this time!


  1. those are some good looking letters!

  2. YAY!!! His little letters are so CUTE!!! What a milestone!!

  3. I may be a little bias, but his are the best!!!!All the same size and even! Yea Bennett!

  4. He may not be able to write yet, but I bet the other kids won't jump off a high dive! :)


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