Sunday, August 16, 2015

out with the old

These are my LAST sessions I'll ever post from my little ole' Canon Rebel. That baby lasted me 3 1/2 years and took me far. By the end it wasn't focusing correctly and it was really slowing me down. I'm all heart eyes and praise hands* over my new EOS 6D (story of how I got it here) and can't flippin wait to really start shooting with it. I've just had a couple of quick test runs so far.

*I don't know how to express emotion without emojis anymore. Emojis are stunting my writing skills. It's a sad demise. 

A couple of family shoots (both single mamas who are beautiful souls, making a way for their little families with strength and grace) and my very first wedding.

What the camera doesn't show on this first shoot was that we were all sweating bullets in the 90 degrees and swatting mosquitos in between every click of the camera. It was kinda brutal but we got it done.

This boy kept me moving but I didn't mind a bit. I sort of love a challenge. Mamas are twice as pleased to get gorgeous photos back when the shoots are hard! 

But oh my gosh, look at this little lump of sugar! She evened things out by posing like a full-time model. A really squishy model.

And a few shots from the (very) small wedding I shot. It was an old highschool friend of mine who contacted me out of the blue. I can't say I'm eager to do more weddings anytime soon (so much pressure! And so. much. editing.) but it was great experience and I was pleased with the results.

And last but not least, my new favorite picture of Dawson. His new Kindergarten teacher doesn't even know what's about to hit her. I swear my heart grows in size every time I look at this picture. He is a force of love and light. His intensity can still wear me out but that light is so much more beautiful in contrast to the dark. (You can read more about my spirited child here.)


  1. These are great!! I love the yellow dress and each sibling pic is special. Love the story if your new camera and can't wait to see what you get to do with it. I love looking at other people's photography and agree weddings would be so stressful.

  2. The siblings you photographed laughing- oh my lordy!- with their tiny hands over their mouths? So adorable! And your "lump of sugar" (perfect description) more than made up for your emoji-dependent description of your love of your new camera! ;)
    And lastly, the bride's dress? The back of it? Stunning!!!

  3. So well done - you are going to rock that 6D!

  4. If your pictures are this good now, I can't wait to see you use the 6D. (also, super jealous of the new camera!) Keep up the fantastic work!



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